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MilLink i3 Mk2s


MilLink i3 Mk2s

· 56% bigger build volume – 12500 cm3 (25 x 25 x 20 cm)
· Open frame design for easy use
· Integrated 12864 LCD and SD card controller (8GB included)
· Max 150mm/s printing speed
· Full metal hotend support max temperature 300 celsius
· 0.4mm nozzle (easily changeable) for 1.75 mm filament
· Layer height from 0.05mm
· Automatic mesh bed leveling
· 250 W heatbed with PEI heater – for warpless 3D printing from any material
· Hassle free PEI print surface – no glass, no glue, no ABS juice
· Supported materials – PLA, ABS, PET, HIPS, TPU, TPE, Nylon, ASA, Carbon-fibers, Bronzefill, Wood plastic…
· 1 kg PLA filament included
· High qualitity mechanical & electronic parts
· Silent printing thanks to the TMC2100 stepper motor driver

millink prusa i3 mk2s
direct extruder


Extruder using direct extrusion method, easy to use, work well with many materials, especially TPE, TPU and other flexible materials. The compact design effectively reduces the weight distribution and further increases the performance of the extruder. All metal hotend maximum temperature of up to 300 degrees Celsius, take all the materials on the market, the bore of heatbreak finished by mirror polishing, reduce the friction through the heatbreak, avoid the risk of some creep expansion to jamming and clog the nozzle.

mini 12864 lcd controller
Mini LCD Controller

Mini 12864 LCD controller, display more information, support SD card.

pom lead screw nut
POM Lead Screw Nut

With self-lubricating, quiet, almost zero slashback, easy handle 0.05mm layer height.

meanwell power supply
Meanwell Power Supply

High-quality Ming-wen power supply for a long time to stabilize the work, low heat, low noise temperature control fan.

TMC2100 Stepper Motor Driver

TMC2100 are the quietest Pololu compatible stepper motor drivers currently available on the market.

0.05mm layer height

Layer height: 0.05mm

Printing time: 8h 19m 29s

0.1mm layer height

Layer height: 0.1mm

Printing time: 4h 18m 01s

0.15mm layer height

Layer height: 0.15mm

Printing time: 2h 58m 30s

0.2mm layer height

Layer height: 0.2mm

Printing time: 2h 18m 42s